Donate to the Respruce Foundation

Spruce Box is about more than just profit: we’re a team working to help our local and global community thrive. We want all our business decisions to reflect that ethos! So we’ve got an exciting new way you can join our work for a better world: it’s easy, beautiful, and effective. But first, a quick story about how our good intentions haven’t always panned out quite so smoothly.

A year ago we offered our entire workforce what we thought was an irresistible opportunity: 16 paid hours to volunteer wherever they wanted. Yep, you heard that right: choose a charitable organization, sign off the work site, do some good, and get paid for it. Who could turn that down?!

Turns out, a lot of people could: over a year, our employees only logged 5 hours of volunteer time. Definitely felt like a fail. But Spruce Box was determined to give back to the community somehow, so we regrouped and decided to seriously up the ante.

We started The ReSpruce Foundation–a nonprofit dedicated to helping communities thrive through smart forest management and healthier air. ReSpruce is currently planning to host its inaugural tree planting campaign this Fall with events in the Pacific Northwest. These events are a time to get to know your neighbors, get your hands in the dirt, and make a dent in carbon emissions.

Spruce Box believes The ReSpruce Foundation can do even more, both for Mother Earth and her Earthlings. We plan to partner with nurseries and tree farms to source our trees for land specifically chosen for its lack of tree canopy and improvement of riparian areas.

We still have a long way to go before our impact is felt, and from our first attempt to our continued ambitions, we are committed to working together for a better tomorrow. The ReSpruce Foundation is just a start–our way of making the world a little more like we imagine it should be. We hope you’ll join us: come to a Tree Planting, join our tree partner list, or make a donation. Together, we can make a difference.

The Tree Lovers at Spruce Box